Club night Venues

Club venues (Select which club night you want to attend, click on link for venue details and contact club to arrange visit)

if attending for first time contact club and arrange visit

Calendar month  1st and 3rd Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm 
Social table games and sports 
For members and visitors only

Tesco Extra Watford
239-241 Lower High St, Watford, WD17 2BD

 Calendar month 2nd Wednesday  7pm to 9pm 
Adult social club night 
For Members and visitors only
Drinks Bar and bar games

Watford ex-servicemen’s club
St Albans Road, Watford.

Calendar month 4th Wednesday   7pm to 9pm 
Adult social night in community food, drinks and bar games

O Neills pub (formally The Flag) Watford Junction

Calendar month 5th Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm ( if applicable)
Activities out and about in community.

Outside venue and activity see events  section for details

About Us

Phab (originally Physically Handicapped and Able Bodied) clubs was formed in 1957 when a person with a disability and member of British association of youth clubs said “I want oppunitity not pity” and so Phab was formed to provide social integrated activities and events with a national organisation to support local groups who work in their communities to provide the integrated activities and working towards improving their local communities.

      Bushey and Watford Phab club was formed in 1972 to promote Phabs aims of integration of the able bodied and disabled people of Watford, Hertsmere and three rivers council areas (now area between Bushey heath, Watford, Rickmansworth and Radlett ). 
      Bushey and Watford Phab  is a members social club where all people who believe in Phabs aims whether able bodied or with a disability and who fit in the social activities and have a measure of independence (we help each other overcome any difficulties but we don’t operate with carers) are full and equal members. 
      We are managed by a management committee elected from within the membership and we raise and use all funds needed to operate the club.

    We are a registered charity 1042326 and we operate to all current legal standards and our policies meet all recommended good practice.

    We undertake to organise any activities or events our members want as long as all members can take a full part and none are excluded due to ability or gender. 

    Money is not  a reason for not taking part and we will always try to have money available to cover any costs of any members with an issue paying what is required. 

    All activities and events are run by qualified people with experience of adapting activities for people with differing needs and covered by insurance.

    The Club, its members, activities organisers and visitors are covered by full and comprehensive insurance. 

Phab Clubs & organisations (click on link for more details)

Phab Ltd.  (link)

Phab national governing body that promotes Phab aims & supports local Phab clubs
St Albans Junior Phab club (Link)
Social club for young people

Bushey & Watford Phab Connections  (click on link for more details)

Lincolnsfields Children Centre (link)
Children's education charity, Residential centre, home forties experience, Children @ war
National Council for Voluntary organisations (NCVO) (link) bwPhab member
National organisation representing voluntary organisations.
National Small Arms Rifle Association (NSRA) (link) bwPhab member
National Air gun organisation
Watford & three rivers Trust (W3RT) (link) BW Phab member
Local reprehensive organisation for voluntary groups  

Disabled Accessible Resources (click on link for more details)

Hollywood Bowl Watford Intu (link) bwphab  venue
Ten Pin Bowling venue, Full disabled access & facilities.

Club Contacts

Club Contacts 

Club contact1
Brian Linnegar

Phone: 07956 310298
(outside working hours or in emergency)

(normal method of contact will reply asap)

Club Contact2
Julian Treves Brown

Phone: 07956 250349
(outside working hours or in emergency)

(normal method of contact will reply asap)

Responsible people and jobs

Chair / charity Trustee / management  committee member
responsible good running club and external contacts.
                               Julian Treves brown

Leader/ charity Trustee / management  committee member
responsible for  club activities and events assistant to chair
                                Ben Robinson

Treasurer / charity Trustee / management  committee member
Financial aspect of club budgeting, raising and spending club funds
                                 Brian Linnegar

Secretary / charity Trustee / management  committee member
responsible for club paperwork and external contacts
                                 John P Young (deceased) awaiting replacement

First Aider / Safety Officer
qualified as a first aider and ensure all aspects of club safe
                               Brian Linnegar & Ben Robinson

Accessibility and promotion officer
ensuring all activities are accessible to all and promoting accessibility in community.
                              Brian Linnegar


Donations Recieved

Donations Received
Thankyou from all Bushey and Watford Phab members its will be well  used

April 2019  £200 Golden Rule Masonic Lodge.
Feb 2020 £1000  White Rose of York & Addeys lodge no 2840 
May 2020 £100 Golden Rule Masonic Lodge.
Jun 2020 £200 Darts league

Fundraising and cost of membership

Bushey and Watford Phab club
Has no government support and raises and uses its own funds.
Generous support from the community and our members own fundraising efforts have been kept us operating since we started in 1972.

Club management committee is responsible keeping core costs under control and costs of taking part in club activities and events is kept as low as possible.

Lack of money should not be a bar to members taking full part in club.

Costs of being a member
A condition of membership is paying any costs decided by management committee (if there is an issue with any cost the management committee can use club finances to offset the cost for individuals)
Lack of money should not be a bar to members taking full part in club
Membership fee paid yearly upfront 2018/19 £15 or paid weekly at agreed amount for particular activities.
Activities and Events cost to member is a donation which encourages members to attend & offsets club running costs.

Examples of fundraising
Corporate / Organisational donations
     Radlett roundtable, Masons, companies, etc:
Collection boxes in shops and pubs
Street supermarket collections
Sponsored events
Personal donations
Gift aid

Donations Received  Thankyou 
April 2019  £200  Golden Rule Masonic Lodge.
Feb 2020 £1000 White Rose of York & addeys masonic lodge

Our Volunteers

Psx 20190403 193520

John Lydon

John phab member likes playing games that involve patterns 

John young

John young

Secretary:  John  (wheelchair user) member since 1986 previously club chair and leader. Accessibility advisor, Security officer (professional) event security and cctv operator. Air weapons instructor and shot gun, basic fitness instructor, first aider, Watford fc fan.

Brian linnegar

Brian Linnegar

Treasurer:  Brian  member since 1987 treasurer 32 years, first aider, venerable people advisor, Security officer (professional) door supervisor event security, cctv operator , accessibility advisor, air gun, archery shot gun instructor, chair Lincolnsfields children centre.  

Ben robinson

Ben Robinson

Leader: Ben , member since 2000 first aider, driver, shooting instructor.

Julian treves brown

Julian Treves Brown

Chair: Julian  member since 1989, previously club leader, trustee Lincolnsfields children centre, professional carer.